Show World Good Virtues Of MIB

TO UPHOLD the titah of His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Sa’adul Khairi Waddien, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam during a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MoFAT) on January 21, 2016, the virtues of the national concept of Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) should be carried by its citizens not just in the country but also overseas.

And as His Majesty stated in the titah we must extend our hands of friendship and build good terms with all people, where we must show to the world the good virtues of MIB and not to hide it in the country.

Last year, in accordance of the duties of the Secretariat Office of MIB Supreme Council (MTMIB), the author accepted a formal invitation from Hasanuddin University in Indonesia to present a paper at the 5th International Seminar ASBAM.

The seminar was held at the Karebosi Condotel Hotel, Makassar, Indonesia on 21st-22nd of Syawal 1437H corresponding July 26-27, 2016.

At the two – day seminar, 153 papers were presented by delegates from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Brunei Darussalam.

The author, representing Brunei Darussalam presented a paper entitled ‘Malay Islamic Monarchy: Perspective of History’ describing how the discoveries of archaeological artefacts, historical, cultural heritages and manuscripts supported the validations of Brunei’s existence since 600 years ago.

The paper highlighted the importance of history and how it was used as a reference to show the beginning and the rise of MIB to become Brunei’s way of life.

The MIB paper raised curiosity among participants and sparked interest as they were intrigued to find out more about Brunei’s way of life, the preservation of Brunei histories and how MIB shaped the country that she is today; a Malay nation that practices the traditional monarchy system of government, and Islam as their religion.

Professor Dr Burhanuddin Arfah, a presenter from Indonesia stated that the name of national leaders who fought for the nation’s political cause deserved to be preserved.

He cited as an example Sultan Hasanuddin, a courageous leader of the nation who wanted to uphold the monarchial system when the Republic of Indonesia was introduced by President Sukarno in 1945.

His struggle and leadership was commemorated by naming an airport and university after him – Airport Hasanuddin and Hasanuddin University.

It was hoped that in his name, patriotism would be enlivened among the people, and a sense of nationality keeps flowing in their mind.

The author conveyed the importance of Brunei’s history towards the nation’s development.

As she continues to grow, her socio-economy and politics, the society preserves the culture, historical values and strengthen the national spirit; both the government and the society working harmoniously side by side, complementing one another.

As heirs to our future, Brunei’s history, tradition as well as MIB itself are disseminated and embedded in the minds of our millennial.

For generations, our legacies have been carried forward and it has become a tradition in Brunei to pass on the torch to the youths.

It is important that we harmonise the balance between the preservation of MIB and after-effects of globalisation.

We must build relations with other countries via politics, international trade and tourism, while pertaining our principles as a Zikir nation, without deformities that could lead to the destruction of a society or political instability in the country.

Our involvement with international seminars can bridge understanding and strengthen ties among the people of Brunei and outside Brunei.

The MIB principles were crafted by Brunei’s history and became the policy maker in Brunei Government, guiding the nation to move towards prosperity, harmony and peace.

The never ending practice of MIB has brought prosperity and harmony throughout the 49 years reign of His Majesty.


The author, Dr Muhammad Hadi bin Md Melayong, Senior Special Duties Officer, Secretariat Office, MIB Supreme Council, receiving the participation certificate from the seminar chairman after the paper deliberation

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